What Is A Funeral Plot

Funeral plots are also called cemetery plots or burial plots. They are an essential part of the funeral planning process. It is the plot or a small area of land where the dead body of a demised person is laid to rest. People may often buy burial or funeral plots even during their lifetime, due to different reasons. They may try to spare their family members the burden. Shopping after the death of a person may be stressful and can be avoided if the burial/funeral plot is purchased early. You can also lock in and secure the cost of price of the land early, which puts your mind and pocket at ease. However, when you want a complete answer to the question “What is a funeral plot?”, you should read the article given below to know more on the subject.

How much do funeral plots cost?

Funeral plots are not highly expensive but do not come cheap either. The average cost and price of a funeral plot in the USA may range somewhere between $ 500 to $ 4500. However, there are many variations in this price. There are different types of funeral plots available and the price you pay may also depend on it. The types of funeral plots include:

Single space: a single space funeral plot will hold a single casket. It is the most affordable and the most common form of burial of the deceased. Want to learn more about caskets? Check out our comprehensive guide here.

Companion: the funeral plot consists of two burial spaces that are bought/purchased by a person together. Two people can be buried next to one another in this way. Companion spaces are often used for the burial of spouses and married couples.

A “side-by-side” companion space is the instance where two dead bodies are buried next to one another. There is another way of companion burial called “double depth” burial. Here, two dead bodies are buried one on top of the other. Two caskets are stacked one upon the other in this kind of burial. Because lesser space is used, double-depth burial is cheaper when compared to side-by-side burial.

Family: it is a burial space where the different members of a family may be buried after their demise. The burial plot may be purchased in a rectangular or a square-shaped area, or cemetery space may be purchased in the form of rows. There can be a single and long headstone containing the name of the family in the rows and the name of the individuals. It may also have a line of headstones. The latter is the more traditional method of burial.

Plot for remains of cremation: a cemetery may have urn gardens, where urns may be buried on the plots. These are smaller spaces when compared to spaces used for burying the caskets. Therefore, a plot for the cremated remains costs less. What type of urn is needed for burial? Find out here.

Lawn Crypt: in this kind of burial, there may be steel, bronze, marble, or cement linings on the grave. Such a burial can protect the casket much better. Lawn crypts can be used for family, double-depth, or single burials.

Public cemeteries are a more affordable option. Here the funeral plot may be available for a price varying between $ 500 to $ 2500. The small urn spaces cost $ 300 to a maximum of $ 500. Another option for urns is a columbarium. Learn more here.

Private burial spaces and cemeteries are pricier when compared to public cemeteries. Their prices usually vary from $ 2000 to up to $ 5000. In the metropolitan and major urban areas, a single space funeral plot may cost up to $ 25000. The price is twice (of the single space) for the companion plot.

Once a person purchases a funeral plot, it belongs to him/her forever in a majority of cases. However, in some states of the USA, the government may reclaim the land after a certain time when no activity is found at the site. This period is usually 50 years but can be even more.

What happens if you buy a funeral plot and don’t want it?

The majority of the cemeteries offer return, refund, and exchange options for those who have purchased the funeral plot and do not want it anymore. However, there may be a cancellation fee involved. It may go up to $ 200 or even more. One can also transfer the plot to somebody else. To find out more about buying a funeral plot, check out our post here.

Best way to sell a funeral plot?

People may own some part of their family funeral plot. Some people may also buy a funeral plot in advance. However certain predictable changes may also occur in life, and these include family disputes, divorce, relocation, religious change, and others. In these and other conditions, a person may want to sell a funeral plot. Below are the best ways of selling a funeral plot.

Sell the plot back to the cemetery: certain states in the USA require that a person who is selling a funeral plot must first try to sell the plot back to its original cemetery. The manager of the cemetery (Sexton) can be contracted for the purpose. If the cemetery offers the option of buyback, you can sell the plot with the least hassles.

Sell the plot on the internet: you can sell a funeral plot online as well. You can simply place an advertisement on a free website like eBay or Craiglist. There are also certain specialized services (including Plot Brokers and Grave Solutions). You may be required to upload the photographs of the funeral plot on the website. There may also be a fee/payment involved that you may have to make. Ensure that the cemetery of the plot recognizes the online or outside sale if it does not buy back the plot itself.

Can cemetery plots be inherited?

Yes, a cemetery plot can also be inherited. The owner of the plot may transfer the plot to someone else during his/her life. If the owner is deceased and he/she did not transfer the funeral plot to any other person/cemetery during life, the living heirs of the person and the owner will inherit the plot. It can be the surviving children or the surviving spouse. It is much like the ownership and inheritance of real state and property, where the land may be transferred to the kith and kin in the absence of a will that transfers the land to somebody else.

The prices of land are going upward in all the states of America. You can buy a funeral plot now and ensure complete peace of mind for funeral activities in the future. Most cemeteries offer a discount almost every month, which may go up to 20% of the value of the funeral plot. You can always enquire about a few platforms, compare the prices, and make the most affordable purchase based on your needs.

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