What is a columbarium

Today, cremation is growing its popularity, and some cremated ashes can be buried, scattered in a particular favorite place, or even used to plant a tree. But if it wants to be more kept traditionally, placing the ashes in a columbarium is also a choice. A columbarium is a wall or a room structure where urns of the cremated ashes are displayed. It can also be a building where it can be indoor or outdoor.

A columbarium has areas called niches. Niches hold the urns, and it also helps to remember and memorialize a loved one by putting a picture frame of the deceased, small personal items, or even inscriptions.

Based on history, a columbarium is from the Latin word columbaria,’ which means dove, and in the biblical term, dove means peace. Columbarium has been around for many years, but its idea was originally from the early Roman Empire. A columbarium can be found in cemeteries, churches, crypts, crematorium sites, outdoor monuments, etc.

What is the average cost of a columbarium niche?

In the United States, a columbarium niche can cost around $850 up to $2200, including the admin costs, cemetery upkeep, and inurnment. But still, the pricing of a columbarium niche may vary depending on size, design, and location.

A single niche can cost around $700, while a bigger one, like family size, will cost a few thousand dollars. Choosing a bigger niche is much more cost-effective. It can keep more than one urn.

Some factors that may affect the price of a niche are.

  • The price may vary when purchasing a niche. Some people invest in advance to lessen the trouble. There are also who purchase on the same day as the time of death. There are some additional charges around 15% – 20%.
  • The location is another big factor in how much the niche will be. If you choose between an indoor or outdoor type of columbarium, the indoor one is more expensive than the outdoor one. The indoor columbarium needs maintenance and protection.
  • The cemetery location will also vary the price, such as choosing a more private area of the niche or a populated one.
  • Adding extra elements like a keepsake, a vase, or a shelving space will count on your expenses when purchasing a columbarium niche.
  • Still, to figure out the pricing regarding the columbarium niche, contact your local cemeteries or crematorium site.

Who builds Columbarium?

Some manufacturers build structures of a columbarium. There is some columbarium that is already built-in in churches or cremation sites. There are columbarium planners that will help you organize, navigate, and find the right one for your niche. You can also reach out to some construction builders and designers regarding your columbarium in your local area.

What are the dimensions of a columbarium niche?

One of the things to consider while picking a columbarium niche is the size of the niche itself. The different styles and structures of an urn available must fit the niche you purchase. The average size of a columbarium niche is 10 ” W x 15″ H x 20″ D. But still, depending on what is needed or requested, the sizes may vary.

Manufacturers or builders will ask you a few questions to ascertain the dimensions you require; for example, how many niches do you intend to purchase, what is the ideal size for a single-use or dual-use unit, and will it be an interior or exterior design. For a single unit niche, some sizes are 3 ” W x 6″ H x 15 ” D. Some versatile columbarium sizes might fit your needs. It’s better to cooperate with your builder or manufacturer and work out the specific size that you need.

What type of urn is best for a columbarium?

First, to choose the best urn, it is important to build the right niche where it will fit perfectly. There are many styles and designs available for an urn. There are some urns that are made of bronze, steel, marbles, stones, and wood with different sizes and structures. The urns that are made of marbles and stones are highly recommended because of their permanent nature material. It won’t break or crack easily.

Metal urns are also another favorable option for an urn. If your niche is marble built, metal built or stone-built, a wooden urn is suited for it. Suppose you choose to build a columbarium niche with glass on it where the urn can be visible to be seen. In that case, it’s also an option to have an urn with a decorative style on it like a memorial chest urn or a personalized style if the urn is suited and fits the niche. You can find more information about urns in this post.

If you are wondering if choosing a columbarium for the cremated ashes of a loved one is a good option to do, we won’t hesitate to say yes to it. If you want to keep a loved one in a place where it feels like they are still at home, a columbarium niche has features where you can put a favorite item or anything memorable for you for the deceased loved one.

Columbarium has maintenance that will keep it clean and away from dirt. Choosing a columbarium will not take too much space, which is good for nature itself. There is no need to be dug up and buried and no chemicals will be used for the ashes. But of course, some people are still against it due to their religious point of view or maybe they just have a strong view on how they will deal with the cremated ashes. Some people prefer to spread the ashes on a favorite beach, and some spread them in the air.

Putting the cremated ashes in a columbarium is like a permanent place to visit them. You don’t need to dedicate a specific place to visit. Choosing a columbarium niche will give you a permanent feeling of home visiting your deceased loved one anytime you want.

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