What You Need To Know About Caskets

A casket is an important thing in a funeral house. This very item is used in most modern-day funeral services and it was previously made of simple plywood material. However, with the advancement of time caskets have received a reputed level. The pine box coffin days are not here anymore, as you have watched in the Wild West movies. Now you will see stone-crafted, large caskets that will keep the family heirlooms inside of it. Here, in this article let’s explore some valuable information about caskets and compare the same with coffins.

Cost of a casket

A casket can be the most pricy thing in a funeral. This might get you to think that dead people also have no peace! However, this is not always the case for the people who can afford it, as they stay ready to spend their money on a good-looking casket after the death of their close ones. The average cost of a casket is $2000 to $5000, and these are mostly made of cheaper wood or metal. But some caskets are sold for $10,000 or more.

It’s crucial to understand that you are not obligated to purchase anything from the funeral home. You can also buy it from other stores and save money. Moreover, people are purchasing funeral things from third-party sellers like Walmart and Amazon these days, which will be direct, delivered to the exact place you need them. It’s on the law that funeral homes will have to accept third-party Caskets and will not be able to charge you extra fees for them. Find out more about this law in our Understanding the Funeral Rule post. The cost of caskets can be measured by gauge size and type, and other things. Let’s have a look.

Casket Gauge size

Stainless and standard steel caskets are sold by the thickness of them or the size of the gauge. Thicker still means it’s a lower gauge, which is more expensive. Normally, the price of steel caskets ranges from $850 to $1600, but the cost will depend on the gauge and the type of steel you have ordered. It’s important to remember that the added features and color will not impact the price.

Caskets By type

The most common types of caskets are wood and metal, but other than this, there are other options people opt for.

  • Copper and bronze: unlike other metal types bronze or copper aren’t measured by gauge, but the cost depends on the weight of the product. Bronze will cost- $4125 to $8100. Promethean bronze will have the price – $22,000. Copper will range from $3,900 to $4,800.
  • Wood: The cost of wood depends on the type you want. Normally, the cost ranges from $1000 to $3550. You will find pine caskets at affordable rates, but the same made of walnut, maple, cherry, and oak will be expensive.
  • Fiberglass: This is a very light option and it is generally made for small bodies like children and infants. You will get different finish options to make them attractive. You can consult the funeral director to know more about the price and designs.
  • Green caskets: These are environment-friendly caskets that are made from biodegradable materials. With this, the casket and the body will naturally decompose in the soil. The price of it depends on whether you are buying the same or making one. However, the average price ranges from $100 to $700. You will find different material types for green caskets such as softwood, fiberboard, rattan, fabric, cardboard, and bamboo.

What is a casket made of?

The most popular type of casket is made of wood. Craftsmen also make good designs on it to make it look better. You will get wood types such as cherry, mahogany, and oak, but there are other expensive types too. There was a time when wood material was running behind the metal material, but that has been in the past. Wood caskets are environment-friendly, and they will never pollute the world.

Metal caskets are still popular, although, their popularity has faded some decades ago. You will get different gauge sizes like 20, 16, or 12 steel, and it will not matter the size you select, you can always be assured that the product will be very sturdy and will carry the entire load. These Caskets are often replaced with rubber gaskets to keep the items out of the box and after the casket is buried. This is a comforting feature for many people, but this is an optional thing for some manufacturers. Also, when the option is there, many people decide against it. You also have to keep in mind that metal material will not wither away inside the soil, but the leakage issue will always be there. You also have to keep in mind that US law has prohibited casket sellers to promise that the body will be protected in the box.

In the case of cremation Caskets, they are mostly made of pine wood. These are lightweight and are intended to get burned during the cremation procedure. As the cremation caskets are meant to get burned, they are inexpensive, and do not have ornate carvings on them. . However, some families like to have some designs on the cremation casket, which will serve as a good memorial.

What is the standard size of a casket?

The size can also be an important thing. The length isn’t an issue, but the width is. The standard size should be eighty-four inches in length and the width should be twenty-three inches. The sizes can vary based on the model you have selected. For an average height, this is the normal specification. For a larger person, you have to use an oversized one, which will be thirty-one inches wide.

What is the difference between a casket and a coffin?

Caskets and coffins are different, and few factors alienate one from the other. The main difference is in the level of formality. Normally, coffins are economical, and caskets are proper for burial.

Coffins do not require to be made of wood like normal caskets, these can be made of any material. Both caskets and coffins have burial containers that are supposed to hold the remains of the dead person. In the USA, most people go for modern caskets, but the choice of it will depend on the family of the deceased.

To understand the differences more clearly, you have to understand what is a coffin and a casket first.

A casket: This is a box made of metal or wood, and is generally used in funeral services. You will find different materials, shapes, colors, and sizes for this. You will find different choices for woods and metals like bronze, steel, and copper. In the case of wood, you will get pine, oak, cherry, walnut, and so on. The price will depend on the type of wood and metal used to make the casket.

A casket is made to hold the remains of a deceased person, and the boxes are normally rectangular and have hinged lids. These boxes normally have handles to carry them and move from one place.

A coffin: this is a boxed container that holds the body of the deceased. Coffins have been used in many cultures for a very long time. It provides a view of the person before the burial or cremation. Coffins are mostly joined at the foot and the head, and the width is bigger at the shoulder section. The box is usually rectangular and can have different designs on it.

The main differences between coffins and caskets

A casket can be made of metal, wood, or fiberglass. It has four sections and has handles to carry or move. On the other hand, the coffin has three sides with double material that fold to create a fourth section. Caskets are normally more expensive than coffins as they look fancier. Coffins also have six sides and have a wider size at the bottom and top. The tapered style is to resemble the body shape, and it does not have hinged lids.

Most coffins are made of wood and have cloth interior linings, but they do not have handles that can carry or move the box. It’s not considered to have handles on coffins, and it is often called coffin furniture which is later kept for display to show off the wealth of the deceased.

The other differences between coffins and caskets

The other big difference between the two is the cost. Caskets are normally very expensive, and they have pretty decorations on them. On the other hand, coffins are made in a tapered shape and less wood is used to make them, which makes them inexpensive. If you are willing to spend a bit more money on the funeral, then you can always go with a casket. If the budget is limited then simple coffins are the best option.

At last, the different features of coffins and caskets will not be a concern, although they are almost same except few features. What is important is that you have to choose the right for your loved ones. It’s also important to note that there are few coffin manufacturers left as the style has become old, but you can always find one with a little bit of search from your part. Just make sure to find the best manufacturer for caskets and coffins, because you have to find the worth for your money.

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