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Loss is a profoundly emotional time, a circumstance challenging for everybody. During such time, having small, tangible reminders, like the special tree of life necklace, can offer a substantial measure of comfort. Especially, when they’re pieces of cremation jewelry, intended to hold a tiny amount of ashes. But, these pieces of memorial jewelry are much more than just urn pendant. They’re keepsakes you can carry with you at all times, serving as symbols of love and remembrance.

5 Tree of life artisan cremation jewelry for ashes

After reviewing and testing urn necklaces in many sympathy stores, we came across the 5 best Tree of life urn necklaces, cremation jewelry for ashes. Click image for price (paid links).

One of the most reviewed and loved tree of life necklace we could find.

Tree of life urn necklace on a pendant for a simple design.

We like this one because the tree of life blends into the necklace.

This urn cremation necklace has made some others list for it’s ability to add a personal photo. A unique addition we love.

Our final choice is a Celtic take on the tree of life. A reminder that the tree of life extends across many cultures.

Your first glance at these pieces, you’ll notice the meticulous attention to detail and the high-quality materials. Over time, these attributes stand out even more, and the pendant becomes even more meaningful. Whether you purchase for yourself or as a gift for someone enduring a tough time, a tree of life urn necklace from our list will surely provide solace.

What is the meaning of tree of life?

The meaning of the “Tree of Life” represents the love and connection between all forms of life. Like a sprawling tree, our thoughts and experiences shape our lives, branching out in countless directions. We live through the cycle of growth and decay, ever-changing with the seasons. The Tree of Life serves as a profound reminder of this process, offering comfort in the unpredictability of life.

The symbolism of the tree’s roots grounding into the earth and branches reaching up to the heavens provides insights into our own lives, bridging heaven and Earth, making us feel less unknown in the world. It’s a symbol of God in many cultures and religions, representing his love for all creations. Isn’t that a beautiful thought to carry with you?

A Tree of Life Urn Necklace is a keepsake that embodies this symbolism. More than just a charm, this jewelry serves as a reminder of love and life. It offers unspoken comfort, to act as a delivery of solace it to its wearer. It allows for the beloved to continue to live in one’s thoughts, even after leaving their physical realm. 

If your looking for a urn necklace for dad we talk about to in our dad urn necklace list.

What are the 10 points of the tree of life?

The Tree of Life is steeped in rich symbolism and carries significant meaning, comprising ten critical points that intertwine with themes of family, life, death, and sorrow.

  • The first point represents the roots, a lingering link to our deceased loved ones. These roots vividly show the understanding that death is embedded in the course of life, as prevalent as silver linings in stormy clouds.
  • The second point, the trunk, stands as a tribute to the family. An unbreakable pillar that upholds, the trunk reflects our strength and resilience in handling death and grief. The branches, forming the third point, reflect the interconnections of family members – a tangible symbol of the condolences we share during times of loss.
  • The fourth point, the leaves, denote time. Like seasons, they change, grow, and eventually fall, illustrating the cycle of life and death.
  • The fifth point, the fruit, symbolizes the gift of life It is a reminder of the continuity of life, even during dark times of sorrow.
  • The final five points of the Tree of Life encapsulate love, courage, wisdom, forgiveness, and, finally, eternal life. Put together, they form a full picture of the joys and trials of existence. 

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