Top 7 Urn Necklace for mom | Mom Cremation Jewelry 

Urn necklace for mom

Losing a mom is hard to deal with. For this reason many people turn to a urn necklace for mom as a way to always be near her. Mom cremation jewelry comes in many designs, sizes and materials. After testing the quality and ease of use of urn necklaces, we have picked our top 7 urn jewelry that cherishes mom.

Our top 7 picks for Mom Cremation Jewelry | Mom Urn Necklace

Here are our top 7 picks for mom urn necklaces in 2023 (click image for price, paid links):

The ability to add a photo to this urn necklace makes it stand out among the others.

Mother holding daughter urn necklace a reminder of what we cherish.

The bright blue heart is a symbol of the brightness moms provide.

Solid sterling silver heart urn for a simpler design option.

3 lower price options urn jewelry for ashes | cremation pendant necklace

Simple but sturdy cross urn necklace .

For moms who loved outdoors or gardening.

A nice urn pendant style.

Want more options of urn necklace for ashes, we have a over all top picks here.

When pick out a mom urn necklace it can get a bit pricey. We always recommend spending around 50 to 100 dollars on cremation jewelry. We do this because of the importance of the necklace. Cheaper quality cremation jewelry can break or allow water in them. With that said here are 3 lower price options that have good quality and seals.

Can you wear urn necklaces through T.S.A? | cremation necklace

Yes you can wear an urn necklace through T.S.A . But you may be required to place the necklace through the metal detector. On average powder under 1 ounce is allowed this includes cremated remains such as the ashes found in your cremation jewelry. If questioned by T.S.A. politely explain what the urn necklace , cremation jewelry is and what it contains. I recently traveled with my parents cremated remains and had no problems with security or airlines. 

If you recently lost a pet and are looking for pet urn necklaces see our list of favorites.

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