Unique Urn Necklace for Ashes: Stunning Cremation Jewelry and Necklaces

Urn necklaces of ashes

Preserving the memory of a loved one is an intimate act of love and remembrance. These days, there are several ways to keep your loved one’s essence close to you, and one of them is via unique urn necklaces and living urn jewelry. Cremation jewelry for ashes allows you to carry a small portion of your loved one’s ashes with you, wherever you go. The uniqueness of urn necklace helps you remember them in a personal and tangible way. Below we will cover some options of urn necklaces in the most sought after designs.

Preserving the Memory of Your Loved One with Unique Cremation Urn Necklaces and Living Urn Jewelry

Cremation necklaces for ashes come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Some might choose a simple yet elegant pendant urn to discreetly hold the ashes, while others might prefer a more ornate urn necklace, complete with adornments and love charms. The diversity in design ensures that you can find a piece that aligns with your loved one’s style or your personal preferences. Silver cremation necklaces, for example, offer a classic, timeless look that appeals to many.

Our top picks offer a diverse variety of stunning cremation jewelry and necklaces for ashes. They have a broad collection of jewelry, including pendants, urn necklaces, and ashes necklaces, each created with the intent to help you keep your loved ones close. The cremation urn necklaces come with a secure, discrete compartment to store the ashes, ensuring that the memory of your loved one is always with you.

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3 Best Heart Urn Necklaces

Discrete cremation jewelry with great heart design.

This heart cremation pendant stands out for the wrapped wing and lovely quote. 

Combines the tree of life with bright colorful heart into a elegant piece of cremation jewelry.

3 Best Crystal Urn Necklaces

The compass with Crystal is great  to remember people who loved the outdoors in a simple cremation jewelry. 

A mix of Celtic with crystal urn necklace.

This frog brings a light warmhearted touch to your crystal urn necklace.

3 best Hummingbird Urn Necklaces 

Hidden among the pendent are feeding hummingbirds, a unique touch to this necklace for ashes.

Humming bird on sterling silver heart urn necklace makes a wonder urn pendant for ashes.

A detailed cremains piece of jewelry featuring humming birds to remember your loved one.

3 Best Dragon Urn Necklace

This dragon wraps around a crystal heart in this cremation jewelry piece.

Dragon holds a moonstone and your loved one. 

This sterling silver dragon memorial jewelry is built to last. Would also work well as a pet urn necklace but we have more of those on our pet urn list.

3 Best Wolf Urn Necklaces 

This urn necklace highlights the wolfs softer side. 

For a more wild wolf urn necklace jewelry.

We finish our top test picks for wolf urn necklaces with a mystical wolf cremation jewelry.

3 Best Teardrop Urn Necklace

This simple but elegant teardrop urn necklace speaks for itself.

One of the most popular teardrop urn necklaces we could find. People love this memorial necklace. 

My favorite teardrop urn necklace due to its stain glass effect in the teardrop urn.

Alongside urn necklaces, there are also cremation pendants and bracelet urns. These pieces can be beautiful and practical reminders of your loved one. Choose from various styles, designs, and materials to find the perfect piece of cremation jewelry that resonates with you. For some, it may be a simple pendant necklace, while others prefer a more elaborate design. Whichever style you choose, be assured that the quality of these pieces is exceptional, as each one has been crafted with love, care, and attention to detail.

Whether you select a cremation urn, an urn necklace, a pendant necklace, or any other type of necklace urns, remember that these pieces are more than just jewelry. They are physical manifestations of your loved one’s memory, lovingly crafted to ensure they are always close to your heart. Every time you touch your cremation jewelry or see it in the mirror, you feel a reassuring reminder of your loved one, making the insurmountable distance seem just a little bit closer. 

Is it okay to keep ashes in a necklace?

Yes it is okay to keep ashes in a necklace. To protect the ashes from the elements you will want to choose a urn necklace designed for this purpose.

What material is best for urn necklace?

The best material for a urn necklace is stainless steal or gold silver mixes. These hold up best over time. Many of the cheaper options are made of aluminum or Nickel and will bend and break over time.

What are ash necklaces called?

Ash necklaces are memorial necklace or keepsake necklace. Another common name for ash necklaces is a urn necklace. These ash necklaces can come in many sizes and designs as you saw in our list. They all hold about the some volume of cremated ashes about one cubic inch.

Choosing the Right Urn Pendant: Practical Tips for Selecting Cremation Urns and Cremains Necklaces

Selecting the right urn pendant can be an emotional journey. The piece you select will be a memory of a loved one that stays close to your heart, serving as a symbol of memories that’ll live on. The process could feel overwhelming, but these practical tips on choosing the right cremation urns and cremains necklaces could help guide the way and help you find the perfect piece.

  • When choosing an urn or pendant for ashes, consider the amount of cremains they hold. Some pendants will have a capacity listed.
  • Price matters. Cremation jewelry spans a wide price range, with options as affordable as $50 or as pricey as thousands of dollars for intricate gold or silver designs. 
  • Privacy is another key element. Many people prefer discrete designs that don’t reveal to the public that they are carrying ashes. Heart designs are a popular choice, as they symbolize love without explicitly stating that they serve as a cremation urn. Choose a design that reflects your loved one’s style and your comfort level with sharing their memory.
  • Consider the material and construction of your urn pendant. Silver and gold are common choices.

Can you travel with an urn necklace | cremation pendant | cremation jewelry 

One of the common questions people have about this type of remembrance jewelry is ‘Can you travel with an urn necklace or a cremation pendant?’. The answer is yes there is no rules or regulations on urn necklaces with ashes or other cremation jewelry. With these necklaces, you can carry a small amount of your loved one’s cremains with you as you travel. 

Keep in mind that the amount of ashes that these cremation necklaces can hold is minimal, but it’s enough for them to serve as a wearable memorial. Ashes necklaces, urn necklaces, and other forms of cremation jewelry come in a variety of designs. Many of them are full, heart-shaped pendants made from materials like silver and gold.

In some cases, scattering the ashes is also an option. You can simply take the jewelry pendant off, scatter ashes and put the pendant back on the necklace after the process. This could offer you a chance to share a special moment honoring your loved one.

Cremation urns and cremation necklaces are not just beautiful pieces of jewelry, they also allow you to retain the ashes of your loved ones in a delicate and artful way. This can prove comforting, especially during the difficult time that often follows the loss of a loved one.

Whether you opt for a cremation necklace, a heart-shaped pendant urn, or other forms of cremation jewelry, you’re sure to find a piece that speaks to you and commemorates your loved one in a way that feels personal and special.

To conclude, not only can you travel with an urn necklace, a cremation pendant or any other piece of cremation jewelry. You also have an array of options when it comes to materials, designs, and price. Selecting the right piece comes down to personal preference and your desire to honor your loved one’s memory and share their story. 

How much does it cost to turn ashes into jewelry?

The average cost to turn cremation ashes into jewelry is Between $150 to $500 dollars. The material of the jewelry and the level of custom work on the jewelry greatly effect the over all cost. Stainless steel and sterling silver are the cheaper options for urn jewelry. Gold and platinum with diamonds are the most expensive pieces to have created from cremation ashes.

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