17 Elegant Pet Urn Necklaces and Pendants Including Dogs and Cat 

pet urn necklaces

Keeping Your Pets Close Through Cremation Jewelry and Pendants

Choosing pet memorial jewelry and pet cremation jewelry as a sign of remembrance can be difficult. Pet urn jewelry, crafted in the form of necklaces or pendants, allows us to carry a piece of our furry friends wherever we go. It’s an incredibly personal way of keeping the memory of our pet alive.

Pet cremation jewelry, such as urn jewelry helps pet owners cope with their grief while celebrating the life of their beloved companion. These pieces of jewelry are often made of materials like stainless steel to last for years.

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7 Best urn necklaces for dogs | Pet memorial Jewelry

All dogs are good boys. This memorial jewelry lets every one that sees it, know that your good boy is always with you.

The classic dog print cremation jewelry  is sturdy and simple. Sometimes you just want a classic.

Losing a dog is hard, But can be very difficult for kids. This option provides a sturdy pet cremation necklace that will hold up to kids.

He was your guardian if life. Now he waits at the gates for you. 

Small, light weight cremation pendent. 

The stones in center of the paw makes this pet cremation jewelry stand out among the others.

A more colorful addition to the pet memorial jewelry. 

7 Best cat urn necklaces | Pet Cremation Jewelry 

This cat wrapped in an angels wings melts hearts.

An ideal option for younger people dealing with the loss of their cat.

Simple but adorable cat cremation necklace. 

A key to any cat owners heart.

For those whose cats love looking out the window.

We love that this is a customized pet memorial jewelry for a wonderfully personal touch.

A reminder of your cats snuggle time.

3 best horse urn necklaces | Pets Cremation Pendants

A pet urn necklace that reminds you of the morning greetings from your beloved horse friend.

An artistic touch to show your love for your horse.

A unique option for your horse cremation urn necklace. 

Can you put dogs ashes in a necklace? | Pet Dog Pet Urn Jewelry 

how to put pet ashes into pet urn necklace

Yes, you can put dog ashes in a necklace. Most pets can be cremated. If you want to know more about how that process works visits our pet cremation article.  As a general rule people will keep a small amount of their dogs’ ashes in a necklace urn and spread their remaining ashes in their favorite spot. Maybe they had a favorite trail or tree they would lay under. To place dog ashes in an urn necklace simply unscrew the cap of the pet urn necklace and use the small, included funnel to place the ashes into the necklace. Apply the sealing glue or tighten down the top to secure your dog ashes in the pet urn necklace. 

How do you seal an urn necklace | Cremation pendant

Your urn necklace will come with either glue on the treads to the top of the urn necklace. Once the top is screwed on the glue will seal the necklace. Another way your cremation pendant might be sealed is with a small bottle of glue that comes with the necklace. Just apply the glue and screw shut wait 24 hours to dry. This applies to both pet and human urn necklaces. We cover out top urn necklaces for people in this post.

How to care for you pets cremation urn jewelry | Stainless steel cremation pendants

To make your pet cremation urn jewelry last its important to take care of it. We have 5 steps to help keep your pet urn necklace for many years.

  1. Seal urn necklace well: When placing your pets cremation ashes into the pet urn jewelry you are usually provided a glue to seal the necklace after the ashes are placed inside. It is important not to skip this step. It helps keep moisture out of the inside.
  2. Keep away from water: As mentioned above you want to keep water away from the pet urn necklace. Cremation jewelry should not be taken into pools or showers. 
  3. Get a sturdy necklace chain: The last thing you want is to lose your beloved pet cremation jewelry. Having a solid chain is always a good idea.
  4. Pick a good quality pet urn necklace: Pet memorial jewelry can be a bit pricey. There are some available in the under 20 dollar range. However the seals are often not water proof. The material they’re made from often fade and bend over time. It is worth spending a little more on a good quality pet pendant.
  5. Clean cremation pendant: Make sure to wipe down your pets memorial necklace once a month to remove small particles of dirt and dust. If left uncleaned these particles can work their way into the urn’s seal and start to break it down.

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