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Interment is a term used to describe the placement of a deceased person into a grave or tomb. This can also be known as burial and may sometimes happen shortly after death. Interment is usually preceded by some sort of funeral ceremony. The term interment has become mostly associated with burials that take place in formal graves or tombs rather than directly in nature or even coffins. However, it still retains its original meaning as simply the process for placing a body down into an area where one plans on keeping them permanently resting place.

What is the difference between interment and funeral?

The basic meaning behind each of these words may seem similar, but there does exist a pretty major difference when looking at their functions in common usage. First off, one can see from even a cursory glance at either word’s definition that something called an “interment” involves placing someone inside of a container intended for burial beneath ground level. This process usually takes place within a casket or coffin but could also mean any sort of temporary enclosure used to hold a dead body in preparation for burial.

An “inurnment” is simply the process of placing a cremated individual’s remains within some sort of container before putting it to use in memorialization or any kind of ceremonial function. This might typically take place inside an urn, although there do exist various ways for this to be done. Dispersal into the air or sea by scattering options are also often seen as being just forms of inurning due to their somewhat similar results. Other methods referring to certain types of funerals can sometimes involve interments that do not actually require a coffin, but instead just a blanket or other type of covering used for shielding from view until it is all fully lowered into its final resting place.

In other areas, “inurnment” is often used as a direct synonym for an entire funeral service. In this case, the word usually takes on a meaning that includes everything from the casket being placed inside of its designated hole to any kind of memorialization event happening afterward. Despite this, it should be noted that there are some types of funerals where an interment or inurnment does not actually take place.

What are interment services?

An interment service refers to a specific type of funerary rite centered around the final resting state of a person who has recently passed away. This is most commonly seen in reference to either burial or cremation ceremonies but could also refer to whatever takes place after the dispersal of remains into the air or sea.

The interment service is where friends and family members gather together to honor their recently passed loved ones. This may take place at any time but often occurs immediately before or at least during the actual burial ceremony itself. Spiritual readings about life and death are also commonly seen within this type of ritual, as well as special music chosen by close relatives before everyone present says goodbye for good.

Interment services might be viewed in much the same way that a funeral service would be expected to function, although there do exist some very notable differences between them. As those organizing such an event will usually have been those closest to the recently deceased, they can largely afford to design the type of memorial service they feel most reflects the life being honored.

An “interment ceremony” can also be seen as a proper way to welcome someone into what is often referred to in modern times as the afterlife, with many cultures having their own specific rituals that are meant to ease the transition from one point in space-time to another.

What to say at interment of ashes

There are many different types of readings and speeches given at funerals. And some people write their own eulogy or remembrance speech for when they plan on attending a funeral or an “interment” service. This usually happens when someone close has passed away, and they would like to honor their memory. However, these can also be performed at any time during a funeral service as well.

People often say that the most important thing is to just say what feels right or has meaning for you. If you do not feel comfortable public speaking or writing, then it is alright to simply read a passage from the bible or some literature that has been meaningful for your loved one. There are also readings and speeches that can be found on numerous websites across the internet.

Most importantly, it is best to say something meaningful instead of just reading from a script over and over again. If you would like time to practice your eulogy speech before you deliver it in front of others, many funeral homes will let you have a room for privacy while you rehearse if they know ahead of time what kind of service is going to happen beforehand. For more advice on writing eulogies, check out our What is a Eulogy article.

Interment at a funeral

When people think about funerals, they usually imagine an open casket so that all of the mourners can pay their respects to the dead. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes when people pass away, they are cremated or buried deep in the ground without ever having an open casket at their funeral service. This practice of never displaying a body is most commonly associated with people who have died outside of where they’re originally from and therefore don’t have any friends or family left alive close enough to see them one last time before they are buried for good. These types of funerals usually use an interment instead, which means putting someone’s ashes behind glass or inside of a picture frame during the funeral ceremony itself.

In other areas, the word “interment” refers to whatever takes place before a particular type of memorial service that is directly related to burial rights. This is why it’s good for anyone who is planning on having a funeral service for their dead friend or family member to make sure that they are using the correct term for what it is they need.

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