What Are Funeral Potatoes

We all love taking delicious food, but it is vital to share it with loved ones during challenging times. Funeral potatoes are dishes that most Americans use as comfort food. To share a meal with a bereaved family is critical. Thus, a choice of potatoes works well. Most importantly, funeral potatoes compose a large traditional hot dish typical in Intermountain West and the Midwest in America. Other sources claim that it is a Southern dish.

Moreover, they are one of the most traditional hot dishes served during Mormon funerals. This article is vital to know what funeral potatoes are, why they are called funeral potatoes, how to prepare the dish and many more.

Meaning of funeral potatoes

Funeral potatoes are essential dishes that one needs to prepare as comfort to a beloved family during a funeral or memorial event. You find that the name “funeral” means that this potato hotdish is interrelated with funerals.

Why are they called funeral potatoes?

Having answered the question on, what are funeral potatoes, you need to know the reasons as to why they are funeral potatoes. Most commonly, you serve them as an after-meal during traditional after-funeral dinner. Equally, they are popular during funerals due to the following reasons:

Economical You find that you need not stress yourself when preparing that sendoff memorial event to your beloved ones. Besides, you don’t need much to make the dish. Equally, the ingredients are pretty cheap and readily available from the market.

Simple to prepare Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed with the funeral preparations, and thus you want to rest. When preparing this delicacy, you will note that it is simple. Typically, no skills, tools, or experience are required. All you need is simple guidelines to make it a success.

Fast to make Whipping together the casseroles doesn’t take much time. Besides, this makes them a perfect fit for the last-minute memorial events. You don’t have to spend hours preparing a meal for your loved ones and friends.

Comfort During hard times especially losing someone can be stressful. This hot dish can serve as a great gift to comfort a grieving family.

Share with a large number of people. To share a meal with many people is a gift, especially when it comes to grieving times. People attend funerals, and thus with this large dish, you will not worry about not having enough food to feed them. With the funeral potatoes, you can serve many people easily. It is a perfect meal for a reception or repast. Want more information on what to serve at a reception? Check out our What Do You Do After a Funeral article.

What composes of funeral potatoes?

You can prepare the dish from sour cream, chicken soup, cream, butter, and various cheeses, among other ingredients that you will learn throughout the article. It would be best for you to be loaded with potatoes, sour cream, and cheese to make a perfect casserole dish.

How to make funeral potatoes?

Preparing the dish is easy and quick. If you choose the whipping up, it will also work well. Besides, proper preparation is the key to a comforting cheesy potato. Let’s learn more about this delicacy meal you require.


Of course, to make the dish, you require potatoes and plenty of them. Equally, the base of potatoes can be frozen, cubed, or shredded, depending on how you want them.

Most importantly, have with you: cream of chicken soup, sour cream, salt, butter chopped onions, cheddar cheese, and corn flakes or potato chips. You can add other ingredients like bacon, ham, or any other vegetable you want.


The first step is grease the baking dish and preheat the oven to 350. Then, take a large bowl and mix the soups, cheese, onions, sour cream, and a measurable amount of butter, depending on the size of the meal.

Then, gently fold the hash browns into a mixture and pour the mixture into the pan. On the other hand, you can combine the melted butter and the crushed corn flakes. Make a layout of the mix into your casserole dish. In addition, you can then sprinkle the mixture on top of your dish potatoes.

Bake for about 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can improvise on using cubed potatoes rather than hash browns. In this case, you can prolong the baking time for about 60 minutes so as for your meal to be well-cooked.

How to offer someone funeral potatoes

First, inform the family members that you will deliver the hot dish for them. Equally, confirm any special diet and allergies for their comfort from them. It would be best to prepare a meal they love and enjoy eating. Besides, what we all need is peace of mind.

On the other hand, deliver the delicacy frozen but provide guidelines on how to reheat. Add unique beverages, coffee, tea, or milk to signify affection and comfort to offer a sympathy meal to a needy family.

From the article, one can now comfortably answer the question, what are funeral potatoes. You find that funeral potatoes are popular traditional comfort food in America. Sharing a meal with a grieving family comes with taking extra efforts as a sign of comfort and love towards them. You learn that it is quick and straightforward to prepare the dish.

Equally, it is pretty economical, and you can share the meal with many people. You won’t worry much about making the guests or family members uncomfortable during mealtime. Thus, funeral potatoes tend to be a perfect choice, from feeding funeral guests to assisting a family with home-cooked food, especially during a crisis.


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