What is meaning of in lieu of flowers?

In lieu of flowers is a phrase used as a request to receive a gift, usually cash, instead of flowers. Family may be struggling to pay for funeral expenses and will often ask for cash in lieu of flowers to reduce the financial burden of the funeral.

In lieu of flowers, where to send the card?

Cards and flowers usually go hand in hand. But when you’re coping with the death of a loved one, it can be hard to know where to send them. Look for guidance from the funeral home or notice of death. Most funeral homes will tell you where cards and gifts are to be sent. If you are attending the funeral there is usually a location inside the front entrance to place gifts, cards, and flowers. For more information on sending flowers, check out our post here.

What to write when donating In lieu of flowers to a funeral?

If you’re planning on attending a funeral and want to do something nice in honor of the deceased, consider donating. Giving donations instead of sending flowers when someone passes away is common. The following are examples of what you might write as an inscription for such a donation:

I am so sorry for your loss. I want to offer my condolences with this donation.”

In lieu of flowers, please accept this contribution.”

In lieu of flowers, we are sending this gift to show our love and support.”

Etiquette when they say In lieu of flowers

Be understanding and accommodating. Don’t send flowers even if you think they will like them. This request is either being made due to financial hardship or a desire to not have to manage taking care of flowers. A simple card with a few nice words of sympathy will be greatly appreciated by the family. For gift ideas, check out our article here.

Is it wrong to send flowers when it says In lieu of flowers?

It’s common for friends and relatives to remember an individual by sending flowers in honor instead of attending a funeral or memorial service. Even though some obituaries include wording that encourages people not to send flowers, others ask everyone who wishes to do something kind but is not attending the memorial to wire a donation in the deceased’s name.

However, when a request is made to donate In lieu of flowers should you send them anyway? Some people say sending flowers sends a message of sympathy and acknowledges that they didn’t know this person well. Others say that since the family specifically asked for no flowers, it would be better to donate to charity or send money to the family in the name of the deceased’s honor instead of sending flowers. Before deciding you should take the family’s request to heart and consider following their wishes.

What to do when someone wants a donation In lieu of flowers?

A donation instead of flowers can be made to a charity or used to offset funeral costs. It is often requested by a family when they have already decided on funeral arrangements- the family wants people to donate instead of sending flowers, knowing this can cost a substantial amount. Some families might be planning a large celebration of life and want to avoid the long-term expense of an urn or grave marker. In contrast, other families might want to keep the options open as no decision has been made yet as to what will happen during the service.

How much to donate In lieu of flowers?

Donations may be made instead of flowers for those who wish to commemorate their loved ones with a charitable act. Your generous contribution will help support the causes that were important to them when they were alive. The amount should be based on what you can afford to give. Never feel obligated to give more than you can afford. It is the thought that matters.

How to send a memorial In lieu of flowers?

A proper tribute will better represent the love and remembrance of the person who has passed. You can do this by having an online service create your original memorial tributes or making a video or slideshow with images of your loved one and information about their life, death, and legacy. We cover creating a slideshow in this post. You can then send this to family and friends of the deceased by email. If you want a more permanent solution, consider placing the memorial tribute on U.S.B. drives and mailing the drives to individuals with a nice card stating what it is. Finally consider placing the memorial online than giving the location to family. Some great ways of doing this is through YouTube, google drive, and social platforms like Facebook.


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