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Pet funeral services have been growing exponentially because they allow you to honor the memory of your closest friend and say goodbye. Pets are an integral part of a family. They bring you comfort and joy by offering unconditional love whenever you need it most.

Therefore, losing a pet is similar to losing a family member. When you say goodbye to your companion, you face loss and grief. Besides, many people get anxious about what they should do with the remains of their pets. Continue reading the post to learn more about a pet funeral service and other aspects of it.

What to do for a pet funeral service:

No wonder, thinking about your beloved pet’s death is heartbreaking. However, the sooner you plan for its final disposition, the easier it would be to take care of things. Still, there is no right guideline that you can choose and make the funeral a perfect one. Here is how to prepare for a pet funeral.

1. Consult your vet

To get started, it is wise to discuss things with your vet regarding pet funerals. Ask your vet which crematory might be good to contact. Additionally, get as much information about the crematory as you need to make arrangements in advance. Veterinary offices are ready to help you get prepared for the future.

2.Separate the bad ones

Not every crematory will provide you with the best of services when it comes to treating your pet with respect. So, when you are about to say goodbye to your best friend, you should ensure that the remains are handled with dignity.

Make thorough research to filter the good crematories from the bad ones. Also, find out the ones that operate in your area and call each of them separately. That way, you get information about their services and prices.

3. Choose an urn

Buying an ash container is the next thing to do. Most people choose decorative boxes or traditional urns. Besides, some crematories may have simple ash storage options available. You can even transform the ashes into beautiful cremation stones and keep them in a special place.

4. Choose between a funeral or cremation

Although you may not bury your pet that doesn’t mean that you can’t choose a memorial service for your pet. When you plan ahead of your pet’s death, you have to choose between a burial and a cremation. While it is about personal preference, you can contact veterinary offices and seek help.

How much does a pet funeral cost?

Just like a funeral for people, pet funeral costs vary depending on the available facility and other factors. Here are the average costs.

1. Price breakdown

  • Domestic pets – The pricing should be anywhere between $50 and $350. It depends on the weight of your pet and the type of funeral. However, the lowest amount would be for communal where there would be no return of ashes.

For private, the prices are high and they will return the ashes. Sometimes, it may include extras. For horses, the price can range between $250 and $1500 depending on the weight and area you live. Also, it depends on the pick-up requirement, return of ashes, etc.

2. Extras

  • Pick-up – If the pick-up is on weekends or outside business hours, the charge is anywhere between $30 and $50 for domestic pets. Moreover, if the driving distance is over 25 miles or so, the charge could increase a bit. That way, a horse pick-up can cost you around $1000 depending on several factors.
  • View – For viewing pet cremation, the extra charge could be around $20 to $30.
  • Urn – If you want the ashes in an urn (paid link), the costs can start from $50 to $1000. You can buy affordable ones from online stores at $100 as well.

What is better for a pet: Cremation or burial?

Choosing between cremation and burial for your pet is a tough decision for you to make. For many, it is more about a personal choice. However, one of the greatest factors is cost because prices can vary drastically, and it would depend on the choice you make.

Burying your cat or dog in your backyard can keep the expenses down; whereas, burying them in a pet cemetery can cost you more. That’s because viewing and memorial services are included. Find out more about pet burials here. Pet cremation depends on factors such as pet size, weight, and choosing between communal or individual cremation. For more information on pet cremations, take a look at this post.

In the communal cremation type, multiple animals are cremated at the same time. As a result, you can’t request to take back your pet’s remains. For individual cremation, it doesn’t mean that there would be only one pet to be cremated. And, there would be a partition so that you can request the ashes of your pet.

For communal pet cremation, the cost could be between $30 and $100. For the individual, the price could be between $100 and $350. To buy a plot in a pet cemetery, the cost could be anywhere between $400 and $600. Furthermore, the caskets can range from $60 to $500. The gravestone could cost a few hundred dollars and above depending on your choices.

What do you say at a pet funeral?

Depending on religious beliefs, you can include prayer or blessing. Many prayers bring memories of your beloved pet. Because there is no shortage of prayers that you can say at a pet funeral, choose the ones that suit fine. Prayers are a way of saying how important the pet was to you.

Apart from prayers, there are lots of touching poems, songs, and readings that you can use to express how you feel about your pet. Songs are a popular way to celebrate the loss of your pet while characterizing their nature. Also. You can share memories by telling a story about how intimate your relationship with the pet was.

It is a wonderful way to share your feelings and introduce humor into the gathering. You can ask others to share their memories as well. Many people display photographs of their pets because they represent the true spirit of the animal. You can even have video footage of your beloved pet if the place has an arrangement. Learn how to create a funeral slideshow in this post.

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