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As with every other common celebration like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries, music has proved to play a crucial role in funeral ceremonies as well. When you pick any music for the funeral, it makes sense to choose the kind of songs that the deceased would have enjoyed. This would add a different degree of customization and make the funeral ceremony highly personal and presentable. In case you are not looking to follow a single route, you can create a playlist with different types of songs that would probably suit the tastes of the different audiences.

When you add the right music to a funeral ceremony, you add a new definition to the experience of remembrance. That is one of the many reasons why you shouldn’t overlook this area and spend more time choosing the right music. But what kind of music will indeed suit a funeral? We will find that out and more in the following few sections.

Top 10 funeral songs

Choosing the best music for a funeral is no easy business. With so many excellent songs out there, it is certainly a hard pick to make. Regardless, we’ve done some digging, and thus created this comprehensive list featuring 10 iconic funeral songs that are befitting for almost all types of funeral and wake ceremonies.

Angels – Robbie Williams

If you want beautiful but light music for your funeral, Angels by Robbie Williams is one of your best options. The song is deep, somber, and heart-rendering at the same time.

Tears in Heaven- Eric Clapton

In case the deceased was a connoisseur of the rock genre, you cannot miss out on this excellent song from Eric Clapton. Even if they weren’t, this would be an excellent way to pay them homage soothingly and informally.

Candle in the wind- Elton John

This is one of those songs that will help you set the right mood for the funeral. The song is deep, reflective, and yet not overbearing. It will pierce through the soul of the audience and leave a lasting impression on them.

Supermarket Flowers: Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is known for his thoughtful music and Supermarket Flowers don’t disappoint. This is an iconic song and almost befitting for all types of funerals. The lyrics are thoughtful and the music is ideal if you are hosting a wake or a more informal home farewell ceremony.

If I could turn back time- Cher

This is another one of those sad, reflective songs that will leave the audience in tears. The lyrics are meaningful, and the music adds an entirely new definition to the mood of the funeral.

We’ll meet again- Vera Lynn

Even though this song was primarily written following wartime with a premise of reconnection, it is suitable and iconic for every kind of funeral ceremony. To go the extra mile, you might even want to add it to the slideshow.

Fly- Celine Dion

If you’ve unfortunately lost someone much before their time, you might want to turn on Fly by Celine Dion. The song was primarily written commemorating the musician’s niece who suffered an early demise from fibrosis-related issues.

Fix you- Coldplay

Even though this song is predominantly sad, it has hopeful intonations that can help establish the right mood for the funeral ceremony. While playing the song itself would be an excellent idea, you can also go the extra mile by playing an elaborate instrumental of the same song. This will leave a greater and wider impact, especially if you are working with a large space.

Ain’t no Sunshine- Bill Withers

While this song primarily talks about heartbreak, its dominant melancholy tune is excellent for any funeral ceremony. To add to that, you have the deep and impactful voice of Bill Withers that creates an entirely different mood altogether.

Don’t forget to remember me- Carrie Underwood

This is one of those songs that will remind you of the resilience of a mother even during the toughest times. The song is meaningful as it focuses on how a mother’s love is always undivided and selfless. This is one of the best ways to reminisce the memories of your deceased mother or mother-in-law.

Best rock songs for a funeral

While rock songs are not a traditional choice for most funerals, some people want the funeral more personal with music that may not always be somber and solemn. In other instances, you might want to play rock songs because the deceased enjoyed it and would have loved it if you played the songs commemorating them.

But what are the most befitting rock songs for a funeral? Well, here’s a quick list.

Fields of Gold- Sting

This is perhaps one of the most iconic and famous songs of Sting. It is ideal for anyone who enjoys classical rock, and it helps set the right vibe, thanks to the recording which was created in an English manor across fields of Barley. Sting was highly inspired as he witnessed the swaying of the leaves amid the beautiful golden glimmer of the sun.

The content of the song is equally engrossing. It unfolds the yarn of a rock-solid couple who have loved, lived, and subsequently died with each other. Sting uses allegories to compare the different cycles of life to the ever-changing seasons. So, if the deceased enjoyed songs of Sting or were enthusiastic about Classical rock, this is one of your top options.

Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin

This is not just one of the best songs by Led Zeppelin but probably also one of the most iconic songs since the inception of rock. As you start the song, you will gradually witness it evolving over three unique and highly distinctive sections. While the beginning is slightly slower than usual, the aggression is much higher by the end.

As with every other song, the lyrics here come with several interpretations. Regardless, it is certainly one of the best songs that tugs the deepest of your feelings.

Wish you were here- Pink Floyd

While Pink Floyd was and still is an exceptional band, Syd Barrett decided to leave the band right at the close of the ’70s. This was primarily because of the issues he was experiencing with mental health. Following many years of absence, his bandmates decided to come up with a song commemorating him and the times he was there with the band. That is how Wish You Were Here’ came to be as a song.

The song is an ideal choice for funeral ceremonies because it focuses on the deep emotion of loss which we otherwise associate with these ceremonies.

Best songs for a funeral slideshow

If you have prepared a funeral slideshow and are looking for some of the best songs to go with it, here’s a list to get you started:

You can Close your Eyes: James Taylor

If you want a song that is extremely emotional and uplifting at the same time, this is the one to go for. The song goes well with slideshows, and it helps establish a solemn mood for the rest of the occasion.

Good Riddance- GreenDay

Even though this is a rock song, it is just as ideal for slideshows, especially if the deceased was fond of the band or their music. The song may not talk about loss explicitly, but it still talks about memories which again are a powerful way to establish and reinstate the correct mood at the funeral ceremony you are hosting.

Blackbird- Paul McCartney

This is yet another hauntingly beautiful song that would be appropriate for funeral slideshows. The song is haunting but because the tune is extremely catchy, you would probably find people humming to it as the slideshow plays. We also recommend this song because it focuses on healing which is one of the best themes for funeral-specific slide decks.

Clair De Lune- Claude Debussy

If you want your slide deck to be classy with only a select few instrumental songs, this instrumental number from Debussy is an excellent pick. Not only does it evoke an extremely melancholic feeling, but it is also as beautiful as a singular piece of art.

There you’ll be Faith Hill

This is another classic song for funerals, and you might want to turn this on to commemorate the beautiful memories you shared with the deceased. The tune is sad but equally hopeful and by the end of the deck, you will have a room full of people who resonated with every word of the song.

Mama, I’m Coming Home- Ozzy Osbourne

If you want a dramatic solo funeral entry song, this is the one to go for. The song has broken several records and has been on the Billboard Top 40 list for years. You would especially relate to the lyrics if the loss involved your mother. The final and concluding lines of the song are hopeful as the man promises to come home and reunite with his mother.

You would probably want to play this song at a funeral if you have been in a similar situation.

For more information on creating a funeral slideshow, check out our Creating the Best Funeral Slideshow post.

Best funeral songs for mom, grandma, best friend, etc.

Choosing the right song for your special ones like mothers, grandmothers, or best friends is always special. That is why it is best to include songs that are meaningful and have good lyrics. In this section, we have listed out the top songs that would best fit this category:

I’ll be seeing you- Billy Holiday

This is a nostalgic song, ideal for your mom or grandmother’s ceremony. It evokes feelings of sadness, reflection, and everything in between. So, if you want to start the funeral with a soul-stirring song, this is the best option from our list.

The wind beneath my wings- Bette Midder

Mothers are one of the best people who help you gain everything you wanted in life. Their love is truly selfless because they barely ask you for anything in return. You would enjoy this song as it deftly talks about the beauty of a mother’s wonderful journey.

Mama- Connie Francis

Available in Spanish and English, this is one of those simple songs that pull just the right strings. The lyrics are universally relatable as they talk about what a mother means to their child. So, if you want to remember and rekindle that journey, this is one of the songs for the occasion.

The Garden- Jimmy Scott

This is one of those songs that remind you how happiness is always followed by suffering. That is the cycle of life and that is how we live and survive. As you reach the end of the song, you are reminded how the deceased are better off in heaven with all the grace and beauty that awaits them.

Funeral Song Tips

Now that you’re at the end of our comprehensive list, you probably know what kind of music to play at the kind of funeral you are planning for. While setting up and arranging the music, it is also equally important to create the right mood for the celebration.

For instance, if you are hosting the ceremony at a religious institution, you would want to create a playlist that adds some spiritual harmony to the setting. This can range from traditional lores to songs that grandmothers and other elderly individuals enjoy.

However, you should also understand the difference between the music of your funeral wake and the funeral ceremony. In case you’re worried about wake music or are hosting a small ceremony commemorating the same at your home, you want to come up with a comprehensive list with all the songs that the deceased person enjoyed. So, if they enjoyed rock or any other form of music, you might want to check out our song options to make your pick.

Again, you should also finalize the music depending on the mood of the people. If you want the ceremony to be a solemn and more formal remembrance, set appropriate songs that set the mood of the occasion. Alternatively, if you want it more informal with different types and forms of music, you might want to get a live band for a more celebratory feel.

Either way, consult with your loved ones and finally pick the kind of music that best resonated with the soul of the deceased.

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